Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ladies Newsboy hat. FREE PATTERN!

 So, I really REALLY love the little newsboy hat pattern that I came up with. I thought it would work well as an adult hat as well. It was a bit of trial and error, but I think I finally came up with something that I like and that fits well. I also had this really beautiful charcoal grey yarn sitting in my basket, and I just knew I wanted to make something for me with it. So here goes my first adult hat pattern. As always, please let me know if you find a problem.

Materials used:

H hook
Worsted weight yarn
yarn needle for weaving ends.

Round 1: Begin with magic ring. 10 sc in magic ring. pull tail to close ring. DO NOT JOIN

Round 2: 2 sc in each st around. join with sl st to first st.  (20 sts.)

Round 3:  ch 3. Dc in same st as ch 3, dc in next st. cr2dc. (see below for instructions.)

Here is how the cross over 2 dc st is made. yarn over hook (yoh) and insert the hook backwards from front to back in the last sc. (where you did the ch 3). yoh and draw up a loop keeping the yarn loose. yoh and draw through 2 strands on hook. Draw through last two strands. cross over 2 dc made. (cr 2 dc). 

Dc in next 2 sts. cr 2 dc. (group made)  Repeat for a total of 10 groups made. Join with sl st to top of ch 3. 

Round 4: ch 1. sc in same st. sc in next 2 sts. *2 sc in next st. sc in next 2 sts**  Repeat from * to **. join with sl st to first st. (40 sts)

Round 5: ch 3. Dc in same st as ch 3, dc in next st. cr2dc. Dc in next 2 sts. cr 2 dc. Repeat for a total of 20 groups made. Join with sl st to top of ch 3. 

Round 6: ch 1. sc in same st. sc in next 4 sts. *2 sc in next st. sc in next 4 sts** Repeat from * to **. Join with sl st. to fist st. (70 sts)

Round 7: ch 3. Dc in same st as ch 3, dc in next st. cr2dc. skip next st. *Dc in next 2 sts. cr 2 dc. skip next st.** Repeat for a total of 24 groups made. Join with sl st to top of ch 3.

Round 8: Repeat row 7

Round 9: sc in each st around. join with sl st.

Rounds 10 & 11: Repeat rows 7 & 8

Round 12: Repeat row 9 

Rounds 13 & 14: Repeat rows 7 & 8

Rounds 15-18 Repeat row 9 DO NOT BREAK YARN.


After joining the last row of sc with a sl st, ch1. sc in next 28 sts. 
With right side still facing you, work backwards (left to right) along the 28 sts  using reverse sc in each st. Here is a video tutorial. 

ch 1 and work 1 sc in next 28 sts again. ch1 and reverse sc back over brim. Repeat one more time. This will give you three rows for the brim of the hat. 
Now to give it a bit of shape. 
ch 1 sc2tog. sc to last 2 sts and sc2tog.

Work 4 sc evenly down the edge of the brim. sc in each st around the hat and work 4 sc evenly up the other side of the brim. Finish off with an invisible knot. Weave in ends.

I think I may consider adding a strap like on the little brimmed hat, or an ivory colored flower. 

For a list of crochet stitches and how to make them go here.  

**You may use this pattern to sell items, but I request that a link or credit be given back to this site** This is a ©2014 Knotty Knotty Crochet pattern, and may not under any circumstances be sold in whole or in part. Duplication is by written permission only.
All photos on this blog are ©Knotty Knotty Crochet and MAY NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES be used to sell your items.


  1. I LOVE THIS. Thanks so much for the pattern! Question: everything turns out good for me up until round 6 (have the right number of "groups" when ending row 5 but row 6 comes out with way more than 60 stiches. I have worked it over a few times and keep having the same problem....

    1. I worked this hat three times when checking the pattern. If you have 20 groups in round five you should be close to 60 as each 'group' only contains three stitches. How many sts are you coming up with Shannon?

    2. Hi I think the problem is adding an extra stitch every fifth stitch like you're supposed to in round 6. I believe that's an extra 15 stitches or so unless I'm reading it wrong. Thanks again so much!

    3. Try just doing sc around without the increase in row 6. Will that give you 60 sts? I will try to sit down soon and redo the pattern to double check. But thanks for letting me know

  2. Yes, I'm coming up with the same problem, what did you decide to do?

  3. I have made several of these hats. Love it. Thank you.