Thursday 31 March 2011

LIttle brimmed hat FREE PATTERN!

So here goes another attempt at a free pattern! I have done this one also in grey with no contrasting color and it is just as cute! Try doing the brim working in the front row only, makes it stick out a bit more. This hat is just too cute on. I'm going to try to do some with flowers and in girly colors too!
Let me know if there are any problems with this pattern. THanks for looking!

Materials: variegated yarn
                solid color yarn in matching color.
                2 buttons

Hook size: G

Guage 11dc and 9 rows=4" (approx)
This pattern will fit newborn-3 month old baby

with variegated yarn ch 2
1. 7sc  in first ch

2. 2sc in each of 7sc. Place marker. (14sc)

3.2sc in next st. sc in nect st continue around to marker. move marker (21sc)

4.  2sc in next st. sc in next 2 st. continue around to marker. Move marker (28sc)

5. ch2. dc in same st as ch2. dc in next 3 sts. *2dc in next sc. dc in next 3 sts.* continue around. join with sl st to top of ch 2. (35 dc) place marker. This is the BACK of the hat.

6.  ch2. dc in same st as ch2. dc in next 4 sts. *2dc in next sc. dc in next 4 sts.* continue around. join with sl st to top of ch 2. (42 dc)

7. ch2. dc in same st as ch2. dc in next 5 sts. *2dc in next sc. dc in next 5 sts.* continue around. join with sl st to top of ch 2. (49 dc)

8. ch 2. dc in same st and each stitch around. join with sl st to top of ch 2. Continue in pattern 6 more rows. Fasten off.

1. using contrasting color attach yarn 16st from back of 2. dc in same st and dc 17 sts across fron of 1 turn.

2. sc2tog sc all the way across to the last 2 sts. sc2tog. ch1. turn

3.sc2tog. sc all the way accross to the last 2 sts. sc2tog. sc again in the last st.

4. work 2 sc evenly down the side of brim, sc around the base of hat to opposite side of brim. work 2 sc evenly up side of brim and across front of brim. sl st down side of brim and fasten off, weaving in ends.


DC in fourth ch from hook. dc across to first ch. ch 3 and attach to first ch of foundation row. Fasten off.

Sew evenly on to hat over brim and attach buttons using  darning needle.

For a list of crochet stitches and how to make them go here.

**You may use this pattern to sell items, but I request that a link or credit be given back to this site** This is a ©Knotty Knotty Crochet pattern, and may not under any circumstances be sold in whole or in part. Duplication is by written permission only.


  1. what size is this pattern?

  2. may I use your free patterns to sell the items? I will give you all credit for making the patterns and link back to your website... I love your patterns thank you so much for sharing

    and yes what size is this pattern? looks like a 3mo baby?

  3. This is adorable! We will have the first baby boy in our family next month and I think he will definitely be needing this :-)

  4. yes you may sell these items! A link back to this site would be wonderful! and this patten fits a 0-3 month baby.

  5. How much yarn would I need (I am OCD about doing things "right"). Besides, I am 30 miles from yarn...
    So it is a pain to go back to the store if I don't have enough yarn.

  6. This hat is the cutest hat I've ever seen. I wish I knew how to read patterns, I am going crazy because I am having a baby boy soon. I wish you had a video. I can crochet by looking at the video. My husband is begging me to learn how to understand the patterns he absolutely love this hat. Any suggestions in reading patterns?

    1. Whenever I dont know a stitch I search it on you tube thers a lot of tutorial out there that are helpful

    2. I watched YouTube videos by Bobwilson123 to learn how to read patterns and better my crochet skills. She is great!

  7. Love this little hat! Looking forward to you posting amount of yard needed. I have twin grandsons that are 7 mnths old so I will need to figure out how much I need to add for them but looking forward to trying this pattern. I really appreciate you posting it for free bcs I am disabled and on fixed income. Get extremly bored and save for yarn but can't afford yarn and patterns. So thank you thank you thank you for saving this old womans sanity! God Bless You!

  8. I can make 2 or three hats with about 100g of yarn. It really depends on how tightly you crochet. But the yarn needed is not much. pretty much if you are going to buy a 100g ball of yarn or bigger you can definitely get a hat or two.

    Also @ acsboricua, there are many you tube videos on how to crochet, and the little brimmed hat uses very simple stitches. I don't have time to make videos, but I do sell the hat on facebook if you are really wanting one. If not, perhaps you know a little old lady or another crochet nerd like me who would gladly do it for you if you provided the yarn?

  9. any ideas on how i could make this for a 9 month old???? i am very new to this and have no clue how to change patterns (I am still learning how to even read them)! I have not really even came across any patterns for that size (for a little boy anyhow) please help!!!!

  10. Mason's Mommy~ try the hat and diaper cover pattern here:
    After row 5 add another row of increasing stitches. So you will ch 2 and dc in the same st. then dc in each of the next three sts. continue around (2dc in next st, one dc in each of the next 3 st.) then continue the pattern as written with no more increasing rounds.

  11. This is such a sweet hat and I thank you for sharing the pattern. I founded and run a non-profit for children in our state to make things to make sure they are warm in the winter. This fits the ticket.

  12. Can you do me a favor and measure it from top to bottom for me. I followed your pattern but mine looks a little long. Thinking maybe for the next one I'll leave off the last row? I'm going to post a pic on my blog when I get home and of course credit you for this wonderful pattern of that's alright! Thanks so much!!

  13. Everytime I make a hat it always looks a little tall to me. Usually it fits just perfect. If you look at the top of my blog, there is a hat sizing chart. It will tell you how tall the hat should be for age/head size. Let me know what you blog is, I would love to see your finished hat!

  14. Hi, I did this little brimmed hat and I think there may be a mistake in the pattern.

    "8. ch 2. dc in same st and each stitch around. join with sl st to top of ch 2. Continue in pattern 6 more rows. Fasten off."

    I did the dc in the same stitch after chaining 2 and basically it added an extra stitch and made the hat wider than it should be. When I did the brim, the ch 2 back ended up being on the side instead of the back. I think you should take the "dc in the same stitch" on row 8 off and it will turn out the size it should.


  15. Thanks Tanya, I'll look into it and fix it. I guess thats why all my patterns come with the desclaimer that I am a major rookie (hence the FREE patterns) perhaps I should call them guidlines?? :P

  16. I just finished making this hat, and used red heart pale yellow super saver yarn with size g hook. I don't have a child, but my sister in law is due next month. The measurements came out to about 5 1/2" high, 8" wide (folded in half), with a total circumference of around 17 1/2". Looks more like a 6 month size, but you really can't go wrong with these cuties!

  17. I just tried making the hat and after getting to the brim, it's too small! I was using a soft baby yarn. I guess the yarn was too thin for this pattern because it doesn't fit my newborn at all. :(

  18. I made the hat and it is super cute, though it does seem to be more of a 6-9 month size. I used G hook and a 4 medium cotton yarn~ just to be helpful to other who are trying to size this. I really like it; quite cute.

  19. I made this hat today with cotton yarn and an H hook. The hat came out perfect! Love it! Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  20. I came across your site from I wanted to use this brimmed hat pattern to make a baseball hat for my new nephew who will be coming sometime in January. I was just wondering about the part after row 8 where it says to continue for 6 more rows. Does that mean chain 2, dc in same stitch, and dc in each stitch around for those other 6 rows? Just making sure I'm doing it right. :)

  21. What weight of yarn are you using??

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  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. on the row after 8 it says to 16 st in back as in the posts?

  25. I tried this with a size 4 hook and worsted weight yarn and it still came out really big.


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