Friday, 22 June 2012

Raccoon hat free pattern

Well, its been a while since I had an all new free pattern, so here is one for you. I'm sure there is a free raccoon pattern somewhere out there, but to be honest I was too lazy to search. I just googled raccoon and referenced what a real raccoon looks like and tried my best to crochet one up. I have had this fuzzy grey yarn laying around for ages just waiting to be crocheted into something cute and fuzzy, but I wouldn't recommend this yarn for beginners because its really easy to add a stitch or skip one. There is a LOT of counting involved in this hat. Not the kind of hat that you want to work on while watching subtitled movies or anything, although I have tried that.

About a year ago now my sister in law was cleaning out a shed at the farm and found my husbands old toy raccoon that a relative had made for him. She picked it up and brushed it off, and brought it back for my hubby. He gave it to our oldest son who was thrilled, and who sleeps with it every night. (Don't worry I washed it first!) Ever since then his favourite animal has been the raccoon.  Which reminds me of another really cute little story! (we're getting to the pattern I promise).

We were visiting a local zoo with some friends of ours who were regulars at this particular zoo. We had never been there before, and so their seven year old was thrilled to tour us around and tell us what all the animals were. We reached a cage, and disappointed, she told us that that particular cage used to have monkeys. Now there was a raccoon living in it. Our son was thrilled to see a real raccoon, and I was surprised at how big they really are. Later on that night when daddy came home, our son ran to him and said, "Daddy we saw a monkey that changed into a raccoon today!" Oh, how I love the minds of children!

All right! To the pattern!

Raccoon Hat

Materials needed:
H hook
2 black buttons
worsted weight yarn in grey, black, and white
(sorry, I don't have the label for the fuzzy grey that I used here)
yarn needle.

It should be noted that, although optional, humming "rocky raccoon" by the Beatles while crocheting will make a much more raccoon-y hat. :)


1. using grey, start by forming a magic ring. 6 dc in ring. join.

2.ch2. dc in same st. 2 dc in each st around (12 st) join every round unless otherwise noted 2 (2dc in next dc, dc in next dc) 6 times (18 sts)

4.ch2 (2dc in next st, dc in next two sts) 6 times (24 sts)

5.ch2 (2dc in next st, dc in next three sts) 6 times (30 sts) 2 (2dc in next st, dc in next 4 sts) 6 times (36 sts)

7. ch 2. dc in same st, dc all the way around. Continue in pattern until 9 rows of dc are done, OR until a hat height of 8.5" is achieved.
break off yarn

Earflap: (make 2)

start by attaching grey yarn to hat, ch2 (counts as first stitch)

(I fold the hat in half so that the front is showing. I then count in 5 sts from each side and place a stitch marker. This is where I start my earflaps and I work toward the back of the hat where the joining "seam" is.)

1.dc 11, ch 2 turn

2.dc2tog, dc in next 7 st dc2tog ch 2 turn

3.dc2tog, dc in next 5 st, dc2 tog ch 2 turn

4.dc2tog, dc in nex 3 st, dc2tog ch 2 turn

5.dc2tog,  dc in nex st, dc2tog ch 2 turn

6.dc2tog twice. break off yarn.

Raccoon "eyes" (make 2)

1. with black yarn ch 14. make sure to leave a long tail for sewing.

2. in dc 2nd ch from hook, dc across (12 dc) ch2 turn.

3. dc across. in last stitch change color to white. (12 dc) ch 2

4. dc across with white yarn. fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing. 

These are just basically rectangles, make sure when sewing to use appropriate color. White yarn  for sewing white part, and black for black etc.


1. with black ch 7

2. sc in second ch from hook, sc across (6sc0

3 sc2tog , sc to last 2 sc, sc2tog.

repeat until a triangle is formed. Leave a long tail for sewing, and break yarn.

4. With white, join at corner and crochet evenly along 2 sides of the triangle. Leave a long tail for sewing.


1.with black yarn starting with a magic ring, 8 sc in ring. pull tail to close

2.changing to white yarn, 2 sc in first sc, 2sc in each of next  stitche. (4 sc)

3. 2 hdc in next  sc (2 hdc)

4. 2 dc in next  2 st. (4 dc)

5. 2 hdc in next  sc (2 hdc)

6. 2 sc in next 2 st (4 sc)

(total around 16 st.)

leave a long tail for sewing, break yarn.

There you have it. Sew the eyes and ears on, make sure to pin them in place first to make sure they are straight and even. Cut several long strands of grey, white and black for the ropes on the earflaps. I'm on the fence about adding whiskers or not. If I do, I will re-post a picture. I'm thinking he would be really cute in other colors too!
As always, if you find an issue with the pattern, please leave a comment, I'm pretty good about fixing the mistakes...and really good at making them! :) Happy crocheting!

For a list of crochet stitches and how to make them go here.

**You may use this pattern to sell items, but I request that a link or credit be given back to this site** This is a ©Knotty Knotty Crochet pattern, and may not under any circumstances be sold in whole or in part. Duplication is by written permission only.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lucky the Orca hat

Well hello, I know its been a long time since I've had a post and all but as summer draws nearer we have to be outside soaking up the sunshine as often as we can! We only get two months of it here if we're lucky. Speaking of lucky, recently when my darling husband (and yarn funder) and I were out on the west coast kayaking we had a chance to see some pretty cool wildlife. We were really hoping to see some orca, but didn't get the chance. I'm thanking my lucky stars because I'm pretty sure my better half would have paddled right over to it in hopes of petting it. Or swimming with it. Or being dinner. Anyhoo, the really lucky part was that the lady who ran the tour also has a small gift shop in a really touristy part of town and has asked me to crochet up a line of hats exclusively for her shop! Yay me! BUT, there are not really many patterns I can find for sea life inspired hats, so, in true Knotty Knotty style, I eyeballed it and came up with my very first aquatic mammal. I think he's pretty cute, and I'm excited to try another one and perfect him. Stay tuned for the rest of the line-up!

a pic of the Hubs and I