Friday, 24 February 2012

Little brimmed hat and diaper cover FREE PATTERN

So this is my latest addiction. These work up so fast and are so easy to make. And they are ADORABLE. I can't wait to get a picture from the client I made them for with brand spankin' new little babies wearing them! The cap pattern is a very basic beanie pattern with a brim added. The diaper cover is from and I will post a link to her pattern. This set would rate super easy on the skill level chart, so give it a try! I'm going to do a set of matching booties next, but I really can't decide on a color. Oh well, I'll have to try multiple colors!

SO here it goes:

H hook
worsted weight yarn
this pattern will fit a newborn baby


1) Start with magic ring

2) ch 2 (counts as dc) in magic ring, 11 more dc in magic ring. join to top of ch 2. (12 stitches. )

3) ch 2. Dc in same  st. 2 dc in each st around. Join to top of ch2. (24 stitches)

4)ch2. dc in same st.  1 dc in next st. {2 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st.} repeat all the way around join to top of ch 2. (36 stitches)

5) ch 2. dc in same st. 1 dc in next 2 sts. {2 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st.} Repeat around  and join round to top of ch 2. (48 st.)

6) ch 2. dc in same st. dc in each stitch around and join to top of ch 2.

7)repeat 6 more rows, fasten off, weave in loose ends. or try the invisible knot


1) using contrasting color attach yarn 16st from back of 2. dc in same st and dc 17 sts across front of 1 turn.

2) sc2tog sc all the way across to the last 2 sts. sc2tog. ch1. turn

3) sc2tog. sc all the way accross to the last 2 sts. sc2tog. sc again in the last st.

4) work 2 sc evenly down the side of brim, sc around the base of hat to opposite side of brim. work 2 sc evenly up side of brim and across front of brim. sl st down side of brim and fasten off, weaving in ends.


DC in fourth ch from hook. dc across to first ch. ch 3 and attach to first ch of foundation row. Fasten off.

Sew evenly on to hat over brim and attach buttons using  darning needle.

You can find the diaper cover pattern HERE.

or, this has been copied from the other site

Ch 45
1) SC in 2nd chain from hook, SC all the way across
2) CH 2, turn, DC across
3) CH 1, turn, SC across
4) Turn, SL ST
next 10 sts, CH 2, DC next st, DC, next 23 st, leave rest unworked
5) CH 2, turn, DC across
6) CH 2, turn, DC2TOG, DC 20sts, DC2TOG
7) CH 2, turn, DC2TOG, DC 18sts, DC2TOG
8) CH 2, turn, DC2TOG, DC 16sts, DC2TOG
9) CH 2, turn, DC2TOG, DC 14sts, DC2TOG
10) CH 2, turn, DC2TOG, DC 12sts, DC2TOG
11) CH 2, turn, DC2TOG, DC 10sts, DC2TOG
12-19) CH 2, turn, DC across (do not fasten off).

Ch1, SC around.
Fasten off, Weave in ends.

Button or snap in center of the front flap (make sure it can
go between the DC)

I crocheted a little flower to slip on over one of the buttons on the hat for a girls version of the pattern.

For a list of crochet stitches and how to make them go here. 

**You may use this pattern to sell items, but I request that a link or credit be given back to this site** This is a ©Knotty Knotty Crochet pattern, and may not under any circumstances be sold in whole or in part. Duplication is by written permission only.


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  2. yes I did,close to the top. But thats ok, it will fit a newborn. Good luck and as always if there are any errors with the pattern let me know and I will fix it asap!

  3. Kristi
    my count does not match yours on row 3 I only come up with 24 dc instead of 36 can you help me?
    I really want to make this for my granddaughter due any day now
    thank you very much

  4. Good catch roxielhinoh! Yes, each row should increase by 12 stitches. so row 1 (120 row 2 (24) row 3(36) and so on, I will fix the pattern soon!

  5. Couple of things confuse me on this pattern. On the hat row 5 the part that says {2 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st.}Would this be the same as 2 dc in the next st. 1 dc in each of the next 2 dc? Also after making the strap what is the ch3 for? Then it says attach at foundation row. Foundation row of hat? of strap? Can anyone explain these to me? Maybe I am just reading this all wrong. The pattern is so cute I just want to do it correctly.

  6. For row 5, you say it's ch 2, which counts as dc, then 1 dc, then 2dc, 1dc, 1dc... is that correct? 2-1-2-1-1 or shouldn't it be 2-1-1-2-1-1?
    I'm pretty much a newbie at crocheting, only for about 1 1/2 months, but caught on quick. Not sure if I'm catching onto errors in patterns or just assuming because some other patterns have similar repetitions. Sorry if I'm wrong, like I said, still learning =)

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  8. Hey New Beginnings....your right! Good catch. I fixed it so hope it works good now.

  9. Love this, too! :) You are so talented!!

  10. do you have the pattern for the flower?

  11. Is this for a newborn size?

  12. Do you have any tips for making it bigger, say a 6 month size or so? I don't know how to crochet, but my Grandma does and I would like to pass along this pattern, but we need something bigger. Thanks! :)

  13. KRISTA The following is a reply that I think might help answer your question.IT WAS A REPLY TO A SIMILAR QUESTION ON THE OWL HAT PATTERN. Adjust it accordingly. Hope it helps.

    you could use a different hook size. measure across your circle when you get to the last row of increasing stitches (row 5 in this pattern.) Now if your math-y (I'm not, but this is easy and it works) take your circumference which in your son's case is 22". the formula is C=Dπ or circumference=diameter x pi. so you need your distance from edge to edge of your flat circle to be approx 7". That will give you a hat with roughly a 22 inch circumference.

    Alternately you could add another row of increasing stitches if you need. sometimes I have added a row of single crochet because I don't need the hat too much bigger. If you'll notice this hat is based on the 12 times table. (row 1=12 dc, row 2=24 dc, row3=36 dc and so forth. so if you add another row, row 6 would have a total of 72 dc and would read 2dc in first stitch, dc in next 4 stitches. Row 6 has 6 stitches repeated) I'm thinking this will make your hat too big, but its all trial and error.

    Also, you could base your hat on any times table you like. how ever many dc you have in your magic ring is the table it will be based on. try 13,

    I hope this isn't all too confusing. I'm not great at explaining these things. If you go by your "crown" size, the circle of increasing stitches, you can't go wrong. when you get close to that 7 inch diameter, stop increasing, and make the hat. I have a hat size chart that will tell you how "tall" to make the hat, look for the link at the top of this page.

  14. These are adorable. I just found diaper cover sewing pattern downloads that I am excited to try out. I love the crocheted look but I am not so good at that. What would you say the difficulty of this is?

  15. Hi I just tried this pattern and Im not sure if you've corrected the errors as noted above, but the hat turned out very disproportioned. I think it's in the part after you slip stitch then ch 2, followed by dc in the same spot. That is adding a constant increase in that one spot every time around is it not? I will try the pattern again but without that step to see how it turns out. Oh and also (possibly from the extra increase?) it was very wide, I actually added a few more rows and it was wide enough to fit my 2 year olds head.

    1. I do this when I crochet some count lets say 2 ch as a dc ... What I do ch 2 and make a dc in the same stitch but at the end of the row I ls st on the dc not the 2 ch... Don't know if that makes sense I skip the ch 2 only because I don't like the gap

  16. hmmmm, I'm not sure what to say Happyhooker, I just write it how I do it. Try counting the # of stitches in the non increasing rows, and being sure not to have one extra perhaps that might help?? The # of stitches should be the row # where you last increased times the number in row one. (In this case 4 times 12 = 48.) No row should have more than 48 stitches in it. Hope that helps, I'm definitely not a "real" pattern writer :)

    1. Thanks! I'll definately try that! It's such an adorable set I would like to get it figured out, thanks for the advice!

  17. i'm not sure if this question has been asked.. looking at the picture of the diaper cover .. it looks like it increases a bit right after the band.. before it starts to decrease.. but there are no increases in the pattern???

  18. somehow i have managed to turn the diaper cover pattern in to an Tunisian crochet pattern; ive made some alterations that make it where it can fit my soon to be 9 mth old son. he is on the skinny side, in some places.

    im working on the decreases currently.

    im more experienced than i look, been crocheting since i was a tot. however, the decreases in this style go every other forward and return pass i make.

  19. These are adorable! I'm happy I found the pattern. I'm going to start making a set tonight. Thank you for sharing it!

  20. I made the hat last night and followed your instructions exactly - it came out perfectly and is soooooo cute. I used pink yarn for the entire hat, and a fushia yarn for the band. I used yellow buttons and made a yellow flower to hook over one of them. I really love it. It is a bit large for a newborn, so I will make another and use a smaller hook size. Thanks so much for the pattern!

  21. Your set is so adorable! I had to adapt your diaper cover pattern for my set for my new little great-niece. Here is my version: Thanks for the pattern. :)

  22. I have a question about this hat. On row 6 it says to chain 2 dc in same stitch and in each around. That increases the stitch count. Is that how it should be?

    1. I never place stitches in the very last stitch of the row. You should still have 48. If you place a st in the very last one before sl st to the beginning ch, then you end up with a bump. Just make sure you still have 48 and you should be good! :)

    2. Thank you! I was putting in the last stitch.

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  24. Do you happen to have a measurements for the diaper cover? I just want to be sure to have it fit a newborn. :) It's working up quickly!

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