Friday, 24 February 2012

Little brimmed hat and diaper cover FREE PATTERN

So this is my latest addiction. These work up so fast and are so easy to make. And they are ADORABLE. I can't wait to get a picture from the client I made them for with brand spankin' new little babies wearing them! The cap pattern is a very basic beanie pattern with a brim added. The diaper cover is from and I will post a link to her pattern. This set would rate super easy on the skill level chart, so give it a try! I'm going to do a set of matching booties next, but I really can't decide on a color. Oh well, I'll have to try multiple colors!

SO here it goes:

H hook
worsted weight yarn
this pattern will fit a newborn baby


1) Start with magic ring

2) ch 2 (counts as dc) in magic ring, 11 more dc in magic ring. join to top of ch 2. (12 stitches. )

3) ch 2. Dc in same  st. 2 dc in each st around. Join to top of ch2. (24 stitches)

4)ch2. dc in same st.  1 dc in next st. {2 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st.} repeat all the way around join to top of ch 2. (36 stitches)

5) ch 2. dc in same st. 1 dc in next 2 sts. {2 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st. 1 dc in next st.} Repeat around  and join round to top of ch 2. (48 st.)

6) ch 2. dc in same st. dc in each stitch around and join to top of ch 2.

7)repeat 6 more rows, fasten off, weave in loose ends. or try the invisible knot


1) using contrasting color attach yarn 16st from back of 2. dc in same st and dc 17 sts across front of 1 turn.

2) sc2tog sc all the way across to the last 2 sts. sc2tog. ch1. turn

3) sc2tog. sc all the way accross to the last 2 sts. sc2tog. sc again in the last st.

4) work 2 sc evenly down the side of brim, sc around the base of hat to opposite side of brim. work 2 sc evenly up side of brim and across front of brim. sl st down side of brim and fasten off, weaving in ends.


DC in fourth ch from hook. dc across to first ch. ch 3 and attach to first ch of foundation row. Fasten off.

Sew evenly on to hat over brim and attach buttons using  darning needle.

You can find the diaper cover pattern HERE.

I crocheted a little flower to slip on over one of the buttons on the hat for a girls version of the pattern.

For a list of crochet stitches and how to make them go here. 

**You may use this pattern to sell items, but I request that a link or credit be given back to this site** This is a ©Knotty Knotty Crochet pattern, and may not under any circumstances be sold in whole or in part. Duplication is by written permission only.