Monday 23 September 2013

smile maker FREE PATTERN!

Hey! Scroll down....

keep going....

BOO! haha! isn't this guy fun? I hope he made you smile!

This is just a little something that is super easy to do and uses up a bit of that leftover yarn. I love photographing my kids, but every once in a while, when I tell them to smile for the camera, I get some pretty funny faces! I tried this one out on my kiddos and actually got nice, genuine, almost laughing type smiles. 

I just used a hair elastic so that it would hold on to any of my camera lenses.

Row 1) CH 2.  29 DC onto hair elastic. Then I followed the same pattern that I would with my hats. (29 is not the number that you have to have. Just put enough stitches in so that it will lie flat when slightly stretched out.)

Row 2) 2 DC in each dc around join with sl st.

Row 3) 2 DC in first dc. 1 DC in next dc. Repeat around, fasten off.  

I made an eye by following the same pattern in the owl hat pattern, and a tooth by following the beak from the owl hat pattern.

I placed a pipe cleaner under the eye before sewing it on.

I would love to see the finished products! Please post photos of any that you have made on the Knotty Knotty Crochet GROUP on facebook!

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