Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Well I wasn't expecting to have I feel obligated to find more free patterns and offer them to you. I just completed this dress for a baby that I LOVE! You will love this too, its so cute. I used a simple halter style top like the pattern I found here. Then I used strips of inexpensive tule I bought in the $1.97/m bin at Walmart (that is when our Walmart still carried fabric). I had purchased this with a different use in mind, and then never got round to using it. Anyhoo, I cut approximately 8-10 inch long strips about 3 inches wide. Then I folded them in half and using a H hook pulled the fold part through the original ch of the halter. Then I pulled the loose ends through the loop and pulled. So easy. I will try to add pics of this later! This is the final product! a little ballerina dress for your little princess!

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